Catalyst Loading System and Catalyst Unloading System

Catalysts are chemical products that help accelerate reaction in certain processes. Catalysts are available in many forms like cylinders, tubes, balls, granules, powder to name a few.

Loading and unloading of catalysts into reformers/reactors is a challenging activity and requires expertise and skill of the correct order to achieve the same.

Acme Air Equipments Co. Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, supplies/manufactures high quality catalyst loading/unloading system in the state-of-the-art manufacturing set up. The major parts/equipments in a typical Catalyst Loading System will include-vibrating screens, Baroscopic Camera, weighing machine, breathing air compressors, safety mask, communicating system etc.,and catalyst unloading system would include cyclone separator, bag house filter, vacuum source, control panel, filter cleaning system, conveying piping, valves etc. Addition or deletion of the features can be done according to customer’s requirement.

We have successfully executed and supplied catalyst loading & catalyst unloading system to leading companies who belong to refinery, fertilizer, petrochemicals sectors to name a few. We have also exported these systems to regions like South America, Iraq, Dubai adhering to strict engineering standards and practices followed worldwide.

Looking at the critical nature of the application, Acme Air Equipments Co. Pvt. Ltd. ensures high quality of the complete catalyst unloading system by adopting the universally applicable engineering standards for the manufacturing.