Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Acme Air Equipments Company Pvt. Ltd.-an ISO 9001-2015 company- offers a vastly proven, time tested and efficient Water Ring Vacuum Pump. This is a form of liquid ring vacuum pump where the liquid used for operation is essentially the water.

These machines are principally used as Vacuum Pumps. However for specific application they are also used as Compressors. The advantage of these single stage water ring vacuum pumps machines is their simple construction and trouble free operation. With proper MOC it can easily handle moist air and aggressive and dust laden gases.

These type of machines are absolutely oil free and do not contaminate the medium passing through.

Water Ring Vacuum Pump
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Principle of Water Ring Vacuum Pump

The casing of the machine is cylindrical with control disc on either side. An eccentrically located impeller with curved blades rotates within the casing. The liquid (preferably ) introduced is set into rotary motion by the blades, thus forming the water ring concentric with the casing. Cells are formed between the ring and the blades of the impeller which vary in volume from maximum to minimum with each revolution. The conveying medium enters the working chamber through the opening in the lateral control discs and is compressed by the decrease in volume of the cells. It then flows together with the cooling through discharge opening in the control discs to the delivery port.