Catalyst Loading / Unloading Systems

Catalyst Loading / Unloading Systems

Acme Air Equipments Company Pvt. Ltd is ISO 9001-2015 Quality Certified manufacturer. We design and manufacture Complete and Comprehensive System for loading/unloading of Catalysts to and from reactors/reformers in Petro- Chemical, Fertilizer, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Atomic Energy and many other industries.

We manufacture equipments conforming to International Standard codes and practice such as ASME, BS, NACE, AISI etc. for various processes and materials of construction.

The major parts/equipments in a typical System would include Cyclone Separator, Bag House filter, Vacuum Source, Control Panel, Filter Cleaning System, Conveying Piping, Valves etc. Additions or Deletion of the features can be done according to customer’s requirement.

Catalyst Loading System - Catalyst Unloading Systems

The total system is manufactured in the state-of the –art modern facility of the company. Depending on Vacuum requirement, the Pumps are offered in Air Cooled or Water cooled execution .The manufacturing of these loading and unloading systems is aided by efficient Production Control systems.

The system is designed to suit customer specific application.

Some of the salient features addressed in the design are

  • Operational feasibility in “ Ex d / Ex e “ and/or “Zone 1/Zone 2 “ environment with appropriate controls and instruments.
  • On-line filter cleaning
  • Portability of system.
  • Provision of materials with attestation according to application data
  • PLC control
  • Provision for Noise control as per OSHA norms.
  • ATEX Certified Enclosure can be offered as per requirement.