Energy-Efficient Turbo Blowers

Acme Air Equipments Co. Pvt. Ltd. provides comprehensive and new energy saving solutions using professional high-speed turbo technology derived from aerospace industry. In line with new innovations in industry, the company takes immense pride in partnering with original technology provider from South Korea by introducing High Speed Turbo Blower technology in Indian market for water and waste water treatment plants.

Turbo Blower is a high speed and energy efficient blower, which operates with patented air-bearings/magnetic bearings, high efficiency airend compressor/turbine, high speed rotor, high speed PMSM/VFD. Turbo Blower is a gear less blower and does not require oil for lubrication.

Turbo Blower Applications and Advancements

Turbo Blower is designed for frequent start and stop applications like filter backwash, membrane application, SBR/Digestor etc. Turbo Blower has patented improved and robust air bearing module thereby resulting in energy savings. Turbo Blower is totally air-cooled system without any gear or v-belts. Turbo Blower is designed and
manufactured as per Industry 4.0 practices with features like remote monitoring and operation, programmable start/stop, automatic start/stop operation, advanced safety features. Turbo Blower comes with a patented dust-tight air-cooled sound enclosure, with noise levels of 85 dBA.

Acme Air Equipments Co. Pvt. Ltd. can offer Turbo Blower having range starting from 6 KW and up to 690 KW and above Blowers with Dual/Multi Core design options. The company has successfully supplied, installed and commissioned Turbo Blower packages in India for waste water treatment plants. The company also provided efficient after sales and spare parts support for trouble free operations.


Frequently Asked Questions-Energy-Efficient Turbo Blowers

Q1. What sets Acme Air Equipments Turbo Blowers apart in the market?

A: Acme Turbo Blowers stand out due to their innovative use of high-speed turbo technology derived from the aerospace industry, providing comprehensive and energy-saving solutions for water and wastewater treatment plants.

Q2. How does the Turbo Blower operate, and what makes it energy-efficient?

A: The Turbo Blower operates with patented air/magnetic bearings, high-efficiency airend compressor/turbine, high-speed rotor, and high-speed PMSM/VFD. It’s a gearless blower, eliminating the need for oil lubrication, and is specifically designed for frequent start-stop applications, resulting in significant energy savings.

Q3. What are the key features of the Turbo Blower’s design and manufacturing process?

A: The Turbo Blower boasts a patented and robust air bearing module, a totally air-cooled system without any gears or v-belts, and adherence to Industry 4.0 practices. It comes equipped with features like remote monitoring, programmable start/stop, automatic operation, and advanced safety features.

Q4. Can you elaborate on the noise levels of the Turbo Blower?

A: The Turbo Blower comes with a patented dust-tight air-cooled sound enclosure, ensuring noise levels as low as 85 dBA, providing a quieter operational environment.

Q5. What is the power range offered by Acme Air Equipments for Turbo Blowers?

A: Acme Air Equipments offers Turbo Blowers with a power range starting from 6 KW and going up to 690 KW. Additionally, they provide options for Dual/Multi Core designs to meet diverse operational needs.

Q6. Has Acme Air Equipments implemented Turbo Blower solutions in wastewater treatment plants in India?

A: Yes, Acme has successfully supplied, installed, and commissioned Turbo Blower packages in India for wastewater treatment plants, showcasing their commitment to efficient and reliable solutions.

Q7. How does Acme Air Equipments support customers post-installation?

A: Acme ensures trouble-free operations by providing efficient after-sales support and spare parts, demonstrating a commitment to the long-term success and satisfaction of their customers.