The Importance Of Dust Filter Cleaning Systems

A dust collection system is a successful air quality solution used in commercial, industrial, and residential production facilities to improve indoor air quality and safety. Dust collection systems operate on the principle of convection, venturi, and collection. Dust is a result of several processes that take place inside the production facility. The processes include machining, fabrication, heating, cooling, assembly, packaging, transport, and collection.

The first process is machining which involves machines and tools running at various speeds that are required to perform the work. As the speed of the machine approaches the ceiling, its velocity falls below the static pressure necessary to sustain an efficient airflow over the whole area of the room. The static pressure will not support the growth of dust particles. At such times a dust collection system should be activated.

Dust Collection System

A dust collection system also reduces the requirement for mechanical ventilation. This is possible because the heated or cold air outside the facility will condense on the hotter surfaces inside the building. If such surfaces are not vented properly, dust will accumulate. A number of industrial dust collection systems are available including carbon dust filters, activated carbon filters, electrostatic filters, solid porous filters, quartz vacuum filters and many more. Some of the more common filters are mentioned below.

A dust collection system uses a number of techniques for collecting the dust. The most commonly used technique is via the use of air strips. These air strips are placed at strategic places around the production facility. These strips have gaps between them that allow the air to pass through them. If the air can pass through the filter, the dust will be trapped inside the filter. It is important to make sure that there is enough room for the dust to pass through because too small a gap will not allow the particulates to be trapped effectively.

Another technique used for dust collection systems is the use of UV light. In this technique, high-pressure lamps are placed near the areas where particulates are present in the air. If the ultraviolet light helps in breaking up the dirt particles and the oil particulates present, the dust will then be collected.

Dust collection can be done effectively by using all of the techniques that are mentioned above. However, it is also very important to make sure that the ventilation of the area is effective so that the particulates are removed from the environment effectively. If the ventilation is poor, the dust particles will still be emitted into the environment. This means that a dust filter cleaning system should be used even after the filtration process has been done in an area.