Supplying of Blowers, Exhausters, Conveying Systems, Vacuum Boosters, Catalyst Unloading, Dust Collection System, Vacuum Dewatering System, Lean Phase Pneumatic Conveyor by Air Equipments Company in India.
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Acme Air Equipments Company Pvt. Ltd. has completed a successful journey of two decades. In this voyage we have earned a reputation for premium quality manufacturers of Twin / Tri - Lobe Roots Blowers. We have to our credit successful development of Systems packaged to deliver Customer specific applications.

In just couple of years we have upgraded the manufacturing facility to deliver world class equipments.
Pneumatic Conveying
Central Vacuum Cleaning
Charging of kilns in Cement and Steel Plants
Effluent Treatment
Water Treatment
Sewage Treatment
Aeration in Storage Silos
Air drying
Industries Served
Cement, Steel, Aluminium, Power, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petro-Chemical, Food processing, Dairy, Space, Textile, Construction etc.
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