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Cement Conveying System, Fly Ash Feeding System

Acme Air Equipments Company Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2015company. We are premium quality equipment manufacturer and solution provider. We offer packaged system for conveying/feeding Cement/Fly Ash into silos at Batching Plant sites. These systems are synonymous with modern and efficient construction industry practices contributing to improvement in technique and efficiency.

Five commonly preferred options are designed and manufactured by us in our state-of-the-art modern facility.
Cement Feeding System Fly Ash Conveying System
Specification Feature Power
Rate in T/Hr.
(For Bags)
Rate in T/Hr.
(For Bulker)
TCP-1 RAV 45 6-8 25-30 Single-Alternate
TCP-2 Screw Pump 70 16-18 25-30 Single-Alternate
TCP-3 Screw Pump 80 22-25 40-50 Single-Alternate
TCP-4 Screw Pump 90 22-25 40-50 Dual-Simultaneous
TCP-5 RAV 120 8-10 * 40-50 Single-Alternate
Complete Cement Feeding Systems Cement Feeding System

*Jumbo-Bag with Cap. Of 1.5 Ton/Each i.e. 6 to 7 Bags/Hr.

For the RMC sites where cement is received only in bulkers ; only Blowers with some specific accessories are supplied instead of complete cement feeding systems (cement conveying system).

We also execute customer specific applications.


Features :

Portability Dual over pressure safety
Dual Functions Efficient filter
AVP Mounting Control in 4-mode
Oil Free Conveyance Pressurized seal
Interlocked sequence    

Optional Accessories

Bin Filter/Vent Filter Dust Collection System
IP 65 Control Panel    
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