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Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump

Oil Sealed Type High Vacuum Pump

Acme Air Equipments Company Pvt. Ltd.-an ISO 9001-2015 company- offers a proven, versatile and precise Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump.

This is generally most adopted type of Vacuum pump in the industry for producing pressures up to 5X10-3 mbar in single stage and 5X 10-4 mbar in two stage execution. The mechanism, which is lubricated by oil, consists of a stator and an eccentric rotor. The rotor has two vanes in diametric slots. These vanes are held apart by a spring.

The rotor completes the suction and discharge in one sweep. A non-return valve at the discharge port prevents back flow of air (gas).

Some of the features which ensure protection of oil sealed vacuum pump as well as trouble free running are described below.
Gas Ballast

It allows atmospheric air or an inert dry gas to be admitted to the pump before compression stage. This prevents condensation thereby preventing the degradation of oil.

Air admittance Valve
It is a solenoid operated pneumatic valve which allows air into the system during sudden power outage thus preventing the reverse flow of the oil.
Non-return Valve
It is a spring loaded diaphragm type valve. This prevents reverse flow of oil during stoppage of the pump.
Moisture trap
Presence of moisture affects the pump performance in an adverse manner and it also results into contamination of oil. The trap is therefore provided at the inlet port to remove the moisture present in the air.
Inlet Dust Filter
The working chamber components like rotor, stator, and side plates are machined with very precise tolerances and during operation they run with very fine tolerance. It is therefore mandatory to prevent entry of dust/solid matter particles into the pump. Thus the in-line inlet filter ensures a particle free inflow of air/gas into the system.
Vacuum Gauge
A suitable gauge compatible with operating environment, measurement range and scale can be supplied. It can be provide with a regulator if required.
Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump gives portability to the pump. Generally preferred for smaller pumps.
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