Mechanical Vacuum Booster

In many vacuum applications, conventional mechanical vacuum pumps fall short of delivering the required capacity and hence their use in such applications becomes uneconomic and in some cases impossible. Pumping requirements in such applications exceed the capabilities of conventional mechanical vacuum pump.

It is advisable to install mechanical vacuum booster, which acts as an auxiliary unit to conventional vacuum pump, for applications where higher vacuum is required along with reduced ultimate pressure. This mechanical vacuum booster will improve the overall performance of the conventional vacuum pump.

Mechanical vacuum boosters have been used as an integral part of many vacuum pumping systems for several decades. Mechanical vacuum boosters help in shorter evacuation time, increase in pumping capacity, high vacuum, reduction in size of primary pump and achieving pressure range which the primary pump cannot obtain.

Acme Air Equipments Co. Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001-2008 quality certified company, manufactures mechanical vacuum boosters and booster systems of highest quality standards in the state-of-art manufacturing setup along with comprehensive industrial solutions. This covers a wide spectrum of vacuum between 10 and 10-3 mbar.

Design and construction of mechanical vacuum booster involves two counter rotating impellers with a special contour. These vacuum booster pumps rotate with a sharp and a finite clearance in between them without any physical contact. Complete mechanical vacuum booster system is designed with vacuum booster at the core and connected with other equipments like primary pump, condensers, filters, valves, drives and instrumentation to function in desired mode. Integration of system is done by utilizing two stage liquid ring pump / oil sealed vacuum pump / rotary dry vacuum pump / reciprocating pump / steam or water jet ejectors as primary pump.

Common applications of mechanical vacuum booster includes vacuum drying applications, vacuum distillation processes, solvent recovery, vacuum flash cooling, vacuum heat treatment, de-gassing, coating, refining of industrial oil, vacuum impregnation, semi conductor processing, separation of fluids, space simulation, vacuum freeze drying.

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