MVR Blower – An Overview, Applications and Benefits

MVR Blower is a state of the art roots compressor air blower pump used in Kiln firing / charging in cement & steel plants, water treatment systems, aeration, filter backwash etc. It has symmetric design imparting extremely high degree of stability and rigidity during high speed running.

It is also used in Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) system. MVR is a cost effective and eco friendly system as it utilizes the latent heat of evaporated vapors to further evaporation thereby eliminating the need for fresh steam.

High Efficiency

MVR Blowers are designed to operate at high levels of efficiency. They are used in a wide range of industrial processes, including mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) and vapor recovery. They are also used in the heat-gas circulation of thermoprocessing equipment.

The MVR process enables the production of pure, distilled water from raw wastewater and waste waters by compressing them. The process works under vacuum, which reduces the boiling temperature to 60degC and steam to 90degC. This can save energy and reduce the need for heating water.

In order to improve the performance of an MVR system, it is important to increase its displacement efficiency and adiabatic efficiency. To achieve this, fans need to be selected carefully and matched with the evaporator and the separator.

SF turbo blowers are an excellent choice for MVR applications. They have been used in MVR systems around the world for more than 100 years and have a wealth of experience in these demanding applications and operating conditions.

They are trusted for their reliability and are a great alternative to turbo compressors, due to lower investment costs, higher performance and wide range of operation. They also offer a low cost of maintenance and ease of operation.

The MVR fans are available in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of any MVR application. They are made with patented bearings and purposely developed impellers to ensure the highest reliability possible.

These fans are suitable for use with many different types of evaporators and are ideal for both single effect and multiple effect units. They are also able to be connected in series to provide additional direct compression of evaporated steam and raise it to a higher temperature, thus allowing it to be reused as heat for the evaporator.

The MVR process is a highly efficient and cost-effective way to produce distilled water from raw wastewater. It is used in many industries, including sewage treatment plants and oil refineries. It also helps to reduce the amount of sludge in industrial waste water treatment plants. It is also an excellent solution for wastewater treatment plants that are not able to implement the full-scale reverse osmosis process.

MVR Blowers

Low Energy Consumption

MVR Blowers are a great choice for energy efficiency because they recycle the vapors that leave the evaporator. This means that the plant consumes a lot less energy than a multi-effect evaporator.

MVR has the potential to reduce thermal energy cost by more than 90%, compared to a 3-5 stage evaporation system. This is because a mechanical vapor recompression system can use heat from the compressed vapor to increase the concentration level.

A key factor in reducing the energy usage is to select a compressor that provides the required temperature increase for the vapor. This temperature increase is based on the performance of the compressor, the liquid composition and the heat transfer area (HTA).

For example, if the vapor is a watery solution, the HTA can be smaller because the temperature difference between the vapor and the liquid at the tube side is lower. However, if the vapor is a heavy solvent, a higher HTA may be necessary to achieve the same level of pressure and temperature change.

Low Noise

MVR Blowers have a very low noise level, which means they can be used in noisy environments. They are also very easy to operate and maintain, so they can be an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

These blowers are often used in a range of industrial applications, including evaporation, crystallization, and dryers. They are also a popular choice in the food and beverage industry, as they help reduce energy consumption.

One of the main reasons for the low noise of MVR blowers is their unique Whispair jet technology. This helps equalize pressure pulses, reducing shock waves and extending equipment life. It can also help reduce air and noise levels in a facility by up to 40%.

Another reason why MVR Blowers are so quiet is that they are designed to run at a high speed without causing excessive vibration. This allows them to operate at a higher compression ratio, which in turn means they can provide greater capacity.

This can save you money on operating costs and ensure that your production runs smoothly and efficiently. It can also improve your company’s environmental sustainability and make it easier to maintain a safe working environment.

Easy Maintenance

One of the most important reasons why MVR blowers are a favorite is because of their ease of maintenance. Unlike most other types of blowers, the cylinders in these units are easily removed to access their internal components. Moreover, the motors are also very easy to replace with little if any damage to the equipment.