Roots Blower for Aquaculture

What is a Roots Blower?

Also known as positive displacement roots blowers; the demand for roots blowers is increasing steadily with aquaculture industry as well. In brief, aquaculture or aquafarming is the farming of aquatic inhabitants like fish, crustaceans, molluscs and various aquatic plants that involves cultivating saltwater and fresh water organisms under controlled conditions.

How do roots blowers help in aquaculture?

Roots blower pumps continuous supply of fresh air/oxygen to the ponds where aqua farming is practised. Roots blowers provide constant supply of oxygen to these ponds to enable the higher production of fishes/shrimps as compared to natural breeding of these organisms. These blowers are installed near ponds and farms and transfer oxygen to the bottom.

The sizes of these roots blowers depend on the depth of the farm/pond where aqua farming takes place and thus we at Acme Air Equipments Co Pvt Ltd provide you with two types of blowers: Twin Lobe Roots Blowers and Tri Lobe Roots Blowers in both water cooled and air cooled models. The capacities range from Twin Lobe Roots Blowers: 10 M³/Hr to 14000 M³/Hr and for Tri Lobe Roots Blowers: 1000 M3/Hr to 18000 M3/Hr.

Generally, aquaculture requires low pressure blowers and hence air cooled type of roots blowers fit best.

Roots blowers by Acme Air Equipments Co Pvt Ltd can be run on diesel engine as well as motor. Thus, in case of shortage of power in remote areas, they are a boon.

Why are roots blowers better than aerators?

Traditionally, aerators were used for aeration in aquaculture ponds. But they faced problems like low/uneven volume, manual handling, etc. With roots blowers all these problems are taken care of. Roots blowers are economical because these roots compressor give constant volume and can work even without electricity (with the help of diesel engines) in areas with less or no power.

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